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Macular Society

0300 3030 111
The Macular Society has created an audio version of the Government’s Covid-19 guidance letter and information leaflet.
Although you were able to request an alternative format for this information it would have taken some time to be sent out.
You can listen by clicking the links below
Audio Letter from Prime Minister
Audio Leaflet from the Government

Macular Society has a page dedicated to coronavirus, including FAQs and travel tips for getting to medical appointments safely


Retina UK update, April 2020

Retina UK have been working behind the scenes to upgrade our helpline system to ensure that it is easier for our community to get in touch with us should they need to. We support any family living with an inherited retinal dystrophy including RP; Rod Cone dystrophy, Cone Rod dystrophy, Choroideremia, Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA), Bardet-Biedl syndrome, Usher syndrome, Stargardt disease and others.

Our services include:

Please note this service has a new number – 0300 111 4000 – (local rate to make it easier for people to contact us). Our phone helpline is available Monday to Friday 9.30am to 9.30pm, or email helpline@RetinaUK.org.uk at any time. Our friendly team of helpline volunteers all have experience of inherited sight loss and offer practical information, signposting and emotional support.

Talk & Support
This service is for anyone who would like a more regular chat with a volunteer who has experience of inherited sight loss.

Ask the Expert
Many people are anxious about hospital appointments being cancelled. While we can’t replace those, Consultant Ophthalmologist Dr Mariya Moosajee is kindly offering a limited number of 1-1 informal phone calls with the Retina UK community during lockdown.

Online Information and Support Group
Our Retina UK Information and Support group on Facebook connects over 5,300 members of our community.  Visit and signpost to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/therpgroup/ to join.


Sight and Sound (Speech and Magnification Solutions Company)

3 MONTHS FREE ACCESS TO JAWS, ZOOMTEXT OR FUSION FOR EVERYONE We recognise that some individuals, like students and people working from home may need access to their favourite software like JAWS, ZoomText and Fusion, that’s why we are offering a free 90 day version (Remote Access included with JAWS and Fusion).


Blind Veterans UK

0800 389 7979: How we are helping blind veterans during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic.


Sight Advice FAQ

COVID-19 FAQs for VIPs


VICTA – Info for children, young adults

COVID-related resources
A great collection of ways to spend time at home, including some awesome VI-friendly exercise resources: https://www.victa.org.uk/ways-spend-time-home/


DeafBlind UK
0800 132320
Text: 07950 008870


International Glaucoma Association
01233 64 81 70



0303 123 9999

Coronavirus updates https://www.rnib.org.uk/coronavirus

Reading services
Equipment Grant RNIB Reading Services Grant Application Form (1)
This form can be used by customer affected by the Governments’ advice to self-isolate and closure of the print Braille library, due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, who meet the criteria for one of the two special grants. During this time, we thrive to ensure that as many people who meet our criteria can access our reading services.

Free NewsAgent subscription (email delivery)
RNIB is helping people with sight loss keep up to date during the COVID-19 pandemic by offering a free subscription to a newspaper or broadcast guide via its Newsagent service.
RNIB Newsagent provides plain text email versions of major UK newspapers, and TV and radio guides, which can be easily read with magnification or screen reading software that many blind and partially sighted people use. This offer means that anyone who finds it difficult to read a paper or TV guide in their current print or online formats can get easy access to their favourite newspaper or broadcast guide for free for up to three months.


RSBC Family Support Service
020 3198 0210


SeeAbility, Keep Well, Stay Connected
01372 755 000


London Vision
COVID-19 Resources


Research Institute for Disabled Consumers
Consumer resources