When talking about volunteers, it is easy for people to forget about the board members. These are the amazing people who also give their time, experience, knowledge, friendship and support freely, in order for a charity to run smoothly and ensuring that it meets it’s obligations and commits to it’s constitution. We are so incredibly lucky to have a board of people who meet that criteria.

Robert Horner

Robert was formally Treasurer holding the seat since 2011 and subsequently took on the role of Chair in 2020. Robert has been a friend and trustee of our charity for more years than we care to remember, and attends weekly meetings with the Director Tanya at the centre, to ensure that the charity is delivering it’s constitution.

Peter Jensen

Vice Chair
Peter is an active member at vision support and attends many of its weekly and monthly activities. Peters experiences personally and professionally bring highly regarded skills to the board of trustees and again ensuring that our charity is fulfilling the needs of our sight loss community.

James Grimshaw

James was appointed trustee in 2003 and in this time James has provided a wealth of personal and professional knowledge, ensuring that the charity runs smoothly and meets it’s obligations. By also being a Harrogate Rotarian, James continues the historical connection of the Rotary Club and our Charity, the connection having been there since both organisations conception in 1921.

Sara Horbury

Sara was appointed Treasurer in 2020, although Sara has not been on the board for very long, her support and friendship to our charity has been considerably more years. Sara volunteered many hours in her commitment to ensuring that administration staff were trained and supported in their role not to mention the many hours she spent ensuring that our finances were up to date, it was only natural that we would welcome her as our Treasurer.