There are lots of activities to chose from hey, why not join them all, it will save you choosing. Click on the Timetable for a list of days and times.


Keeping an old craft alive! At the centre we believe in keeping traditional crafts going for future generations to enjoy. Recycled and handmade crafts are a growing concern and we’re already on the bandwagon. We love to make craft items for ourselves, family and friends or to make and sell at craft sales.

Mixed Craft

Anything anyone fancies having a go at. We usually pluck some ideas from new and old volunteers, share ideas between ourselves and have a go. Painting, mosaics, decoupage, wreaths, the list is endless, come along with your own ideas too!


A class where you can let your artistic nature run riot!!  Enjoy your artistic talents by producing a wide range of hand made sculptures, pots and ornaments. There are opportunities to exhibit your work too, yes, you really do get that good.

Keep Fit

Exercise at your own pace but don’t be deceived it can be a hard workout if you want it to be! It’s always good to stay as mobile and active as possible and here is an opportunity to keep trim and stay fit, or get trim and fit.  Our Tutor specializes in exercises that help to prevent osteoporosis.

Knit & Natter

Once a ‘knitter’ always a ‘knitter’!! It is still possible when your sight deteriorates, I bet you weren’t looking anyway whilst those needles were clattering together. First class garments are the result in this class, lots of commonly knitted things such as tea cosies, jumpers and scarves are knitted but also lots of really imaginative and creative things too. We usually go with the latest craze in knitwear, we supplied most of the teenage girls in the county with Wellie Socks and pooches with their winter coats!

News from Vision Support

Coffee & News

A relaxed morning of newspapers and discussion with friends. Discussions usually consist of local news, your own news or whatever hot topic is relevant at the time.

Coffee & Crosswords

Just as it says on the tin, a morning of mind bending crosswords over a cup of coffee. The more grey cells in the room the better!

Indoor Bowls

Popular Friday morning sport, always looking for new members to join whether they have any experience of indoor bowling or not. Mixed ages and abilities all join in to have a fun session. A bit of advice don’t play again Joan because she’s too good :).

Friday Afternoons

Because we all like different things we have a varied mix of talks, demos, musical and singing acts, discussions, quizzes, games, parties, demo days, phew! There’s something for everyone. 1st Friday – Quiz, 2nd Friday – Dominoes, 3rd Friday – Sight Loss advice/demos, 4th Friday – Entertainment.

Line Dancing

A popular activity at the Vision Support Centre. If you have never tried before or you have been trying to keep up in a regular class and are finding it difficult because of your eyesight, this is the class to join. You will be given the time to learn the dances without the pressure of having to see fast movements. Give it a go, you will surprise yourself! The group only started in October and they have already put on a show at the Christmas Party!

Bridge Club

Experienced Bridge players required for our Bridge Club! This club has been started up for members who can already play Bridge and are finding they need a little more time to play their cards than is usually expected in a  game where everyone can see their cards. Carry on enjoying the game you love without the time pressure!