Evening/lunchtime Meetings, call 565915 to book a seat or two!

Meetings for those who are busy during the day are held on a monthly basis at varying local eateries. Just a good excuse for a catch up with friends, it’s always great to have new people join us! Bring a friend! If we feel there is bad weather coming in the Winter months, usually January and February, we don’t not go out but we do an occasional lunchtime instead!

Evening meals! The last Tuesday of each month, at a different restaurant each time, please call to find out where we are this month or visit our social page on Facebook @visionsupportharrogate to find out more!


Walking Group, call 565915 to book on!

One to one guided walks. Every month, on a Saturday, stomp through the local countryside and feel the warm Yorkshire breeze gently waft through your hair or dive for cover under the nearest shelter. You never know you may even work your way up to doing the Nidderdale Walk!



Day Trips

When the classes finish for the Summer the fun doesn’t end. Day trips are arranged to visit a variety of locations and don’t worry if a friend or family member is visiting, bring them along!